I finally took down the Christmas lights!  Spring is here!  Spring, to me, is refreshing and bold.  Despite our daily struggles, distractions and busyness, the new change of spring scenery focuses our attention.  We may pause to look at a bright, colorful flower, and stand in awe as a tree begins to blossom.   Feelings of hope and appreciation of beauty may inspire you.

That's nice.  But, WIIFM (What's In It For Me?)  Well.  Start small, like a little seed.  Do one thing that will develop a positive change in your mind, body and spirit.  Be patient as it takes time for us to grow, change and renew.  Some changes may take longer than others.  For me, I am going to drink more water!  Nothing earth shattering, but something that will take more effort on my part.  One glass of water for each organ of the body - a toast to my heart, my brain, my kidney's, etc.! 

Do something refreshing...and be bold!  I can't tell you what that is.  But I will encourage you to take a little time to think and ponder on it.  And then, in time, someone may just pause as they witness the newness of you begin to blossom!


AuthorDonna Furmanek