This weekend I spent time studying with Laurie Blakeney, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher.  Laurie's ability to weave yoga philosophy into yoga asana practice really enriches my practice and understanding of yoga.  This weekend she explained that the mind and body may let us down, so listen and pay attention to the breath.  It will not let you down.

So when we are in yoga postures that seem physically or mentally challenging, we can use our breath to keep our focus within throughout the challenge.

In yoga classes, we take time to pay attention to the breath.  We focus on ways the breath can move, how it helps us to expand and shape our movements and our focus, and how it makes us feel.  Learning how pay attention to the breath is a skill.  The breath helps us to learn a deeper dimension of ourselves.    It takes our awareness more inside ourselves.

So, let's learn from the yogis.  Take time to listen to your breath throughout the day.   Remember to breathe!

AuthorDonna Furmanek