Each time I have a chance to study with my teachers, I leave feeling refreshed and renewed. The classes are challenging, physically, and mentally. And they also deepen my emotional and spiritual understanding. Classes are taught with skill and purpose, with teachers who encourage us to keep going, and our best effort is encouraged, Yoga teaches us that it is our effort that counts - not any specific goal. It is the work we do, called our dharma, that we engage in without expectation for reward. Yoga is a practice that is passed on, and learned through direct experience. Both on the mat and off the mat, yoga is practiced. It has been said that Yoga is “Skill in Action.” Whether we are making breakfast, talking with a friend, or practicing yoga on the mat, our effort in the connection with what we are doing brings us into the present moment. So, Yoga is from moment to moment, Skill in Action…and faith that keeps us going!

AuthorDonna Furmanek