Getting started in yoga practice, like anything worthwhile, takes EFFORT!

Here's what helps me:

1.  Set an intention the night before.  Say, "I will get up and practice.....  Then, place your yoga mat next to your bed.

2.  Next Day - Step on your yoga mat.  That is a great start!  If you are still tired, then lie down for a few minutes, and focus on your breathing...set your timer.  Then try one or two poses that you enjoy! Stick to the time you have allotted.  Do what you can.  Build your practice slowly, but surely.

3.  Do first two steps again the next day, and before you know it, you will have a daily practice!

4.  Consider signing up for a yoga can support your practice!

Yogically speaking, Yoga is a Practice, or Sadhana,  "a means of accomplishing something."  Just begin somewhere, now...

Light tomorrow with today. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

AuthorDonna Furmanek