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Yoga Vitamins:  "Faith, energy, mindfulness, right perception, knowledge." - BKS Iyengar

Class and Course Descriptions

All classes listed below are taught in the Iyengar Method. This method teaches students how to develop a safe, effective yoga practice for greater stability, ease, and balance. Visit Instructors page for information on multi-style yoga classes.

Introductory Workshop This is a special five week workshop that gives students an overview to the Iyengar method of yoga. Offered once each season. Structure, focus, clarity.

NEW! Yoga and Movement Circle -5 Week Course - Starts Aug. 2. Movement sequences and yoga postures to foster mobility, flexibility, balance, strength and ease. Chair work and easy pace floor work for peace of mind and relaxation.

Iyengar Level 1 This class is a dynamic, ongoing class designed for students who are new to Iyengar Yoga and a review of the basics. Focus is on standing and seated postures. Basic, concise, fun.

Iyengar Level II This class is suitable for experienced students.  Principles of Iyengar Yoga Method are reviewed and practiced. Growth, movement, confidence.

Easy Pace We use chairs for extra support in many poses, when necessary. Move at your own pace. Mindful, stabilizing, comforting.

Chair Yoga For those with limited mobility. Joyful, Creative, Calming.

NEW! Children’s Yoga - Ages 5-12 This class is perfect to help kids move, breathe, and express themselves!

NEW! Rise ‘N Shine Yoga - Begin your day greeting the sun! Energizing, Fun, Creative!

Yoga 3 - Mixed Levels - 6 Week Course This class is teacher led “workout” and “work-in” with movement and flow. Challenging, intelligent, focused.

60+ Yoga Moderate pace yoga for midlife and older beginners. Engaging, practical, healthful.

Women’s Wellness and Yoga 6 Week Course (All Levels) - A class for women of all ages and stages, enhancing awareness of how yoga affects all systems of the body, promoting health and wellness through yoga movement and healing practices. Nurturing, Supportive, Intelligent.

Teen Energy© Yoga Calling all teens to learn the “yoga way” to health and wellness. Inspiring, dynamic and creative.

Specialized Yoga for Common Ailments  These classes are designed for those who need to move at a more moderate pace, due to injury or personal concern.  Specialized classes focus on common ailments, such as back care, neck and shoulder care,  care for the knees, improved balance, strength, mobility, or other limiting conditions.  All ages/levels are welcome. Therapeutic, supported, balanced.

PALOS PARK CLASSES:  All Levels.  Great Introduction to Yoga at the Palos Park Recreation Center.


Private Classes   Private classes in yoga offer students at all levels an opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor to meet individual needs.  Please call to make an appointment.  

Workshops   Extended length classes to study and practice yoga.  A great way to deepen your practice.  See our Workshops page for details on upcoming classes and workshops.

Montessori and Movement An “moving to learn” program for preschoolers based upon the theories and practices of educational leader Dr. Maria Montessori.

Preparing for Class:

  • Please come with clean comfortable clothing, such as t-shirts and shorts, and clean, bare feet.

  • Come on an empty stomach, or only have a very light snack.

  • Come to class 15 minutes early.

  • Mats are provided, although you may bring your own sticky mat.

  • Please, no perfumes or colognes. Thank You.

Other Offerings that are available upon request.  

  • Corporate and Small Groups

  • Yoga for Children and Teens

  • Yoga Ed. and Movement Workshops for Classroom Educators

  • Yoga for Boys and Girl Scouts

  • Yoga Birthday Parties

  • Family Yoga

Please call for more information-

Donna 708-256-0077